IMS2012 International Microwave Symposium

IMS2012 Student Paper Competition was very intensive. First, the symposium Technical Paper Review Committee (TPRC) reviewed and scored all the papers submitted as student papers and then each of the TPRC sub-committees recommended maximum one student paper as the finalist to participate in the final competition. There were 26 finalists selected this year, which amounted to only 7.3% of the total student papers submitted and considered for the final competition. The 26 finalists presented their papers in the special poster session during the symposium; and each of the poster was reviewed, judged and scored by 5-6 independent judges selected from each of the TRPC sub-committees. The final scores were tallied and processed and the winners were determined based on these scores. The winners of the IMS2012 student paper competition are:

1st Prize: Andreea Balteanu from University of Toronto, Canada For the paper entitled "A 6-bit segmented RZ DAC architecture with up to 50-GHz sampling clock and 4 Vpp differential swing".

2nd Prize: Chirag D. Patel from University of California - San Diego For the paper entitled "An RF-MEMS switch for high-power applications".

3rd Prize: Adrian Tang from University of California - Los Angle, USA For the paper entitled "A Max 349 GHz 18.2mW/Pixel CMOS inter-modulated regenerative receiver for tri-color mm-wave imaging".

Honorable Mentions:

Aida L. Vera López from  George Institute of Technology of USA for the paper entitled "Hybrid silicon-organic packaged antenna array at 60 and 80 GHz using a low-cost bonding technique".

David Gustafsson from Chalmers University of Technology of Sweden for the paper entitled "A novel wideband and reconfigurable high average efficiency power amplifier".

Adrian Tang from University of California - Los Angle of USA for the paper entitled "A CMOS 135-150 GHz 0.4 dBm EIRP transmitter with 5.1dB P1dB extension using IF envelope feed-forward gain compensation".

Erio Gandini from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor of USA for the paper presentation entitled "A lumped-element directional coupler with arbitrary output amplitude and phase distributions".

Ya Shen from University of Central Florida of USA for the paper entitled "Tunable and flexible Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) varactors on liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrates".

Muhammad Kabir from McGill University of Canada for the paper entitled "Macromodeling of interconnect networks from frequency domain data using the Loewner matrix approach".

Jun H. Choi from University of California - Los Angle of USA for the paper entitled "Polarization friendly retrodirective antenna array".